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Latest News from the Tatum ISD Central Office on February 3, 2012

THOUGHT: “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”

DATES:            February 6       1st Day to Sign Up for School Trustee

                                                THS Baseball Sabine @ Tatum – V.JV – 4:00

                        February 7       THS BB vs. Waskom @ Tatum– JVB, VG, VB/JVG-5:0

                                                Soccer Eagles & Lady Eagles vs. Carthage @ Tatum – 5:30

                                                Softball Lady vs. Arp (Scrimmage) @ Tatum – 5:30 p.m.

                        February 8       DIT Meeting @ 3:45 p.m. – Community Room

                        February 10     THS Basketball @ Harleton – JVB, VB – 5:00

                                                Soccer Eagles & Lady Eagles vs. Spring Hill @ Tatum – 5:30

                                                Softball vs. Bullard (Scrimmage) – JV/V – @ Tatum-4:00

                                                Baseball @ Beckville – Varsity – 4:00

School Board Election

  • Monday, February 6, is the first day to sign up for school trustee in the May 12, 2012 election cycle. Positions 1, 2, and 3 are open and currently held by Kip Amick, C. Larry Smith and Bubba York.

Martin Lake 2011 Property Value

  • Luminant and Rusk County Appraisal District Board of Directors have reached a settlement on the 2011 value of Martin Lake, $970,000,000, a 23% decline from 2010. Since Luminant had filed a lawsuit the value will not be final until signed by the Judge.
  • The declining value of the plant is most directly related to the declining price of natural gas, low natural gas pricing relates to a lower plant value and higher natural gas prices relates to a higher plant value.

District Improvement Team Meeting

  • There will be a combined DIT and CIA committee meeting at 3:45 on Thursday, February 9. The tentative agenda is listed below, thanks in advance for your participation.
  1. TEA Expedited Waivers

Staff Development Waiver – this waiver allows up to 3 days for staff development in lieu of days of student instruction. TISD has generally requested 2 days.

Early Release Waiver – this waiver allows up to six days of school for staff development or training.

  1. 2012-13 School Calendar – ATTACHMENT: 12-13 Calendar.pdf
  2. Technology Plan – The TISD technology plan is being updated to contain four goals outlined in the attached document. The Committee will discuss Goal 2, “TISD Educators will utilize technology to enhance instruction, assessment, professional development and communication.”

ATTACHMENT – Technology Plan 2012-13_Objectives.pdf

  1. TISD Professional Plan (PP) – The PP is an iteration of the TISD CIA Process with the intent to identify the core competencies of teachers in TISD, provide data for continuous improvement of these processes and feedback to all staff for the professional development or life long learning.

In preparation for 2012-13, it's time to review implementation and make adjustments as necessary. DIT and Academic team members will meet during the Spring to finalize plans on the following areas:

  1. Timeline development
  2. Instructional Unit Components
  3. Instructional Unit Contained With Eduphoria
  4. Instructional Unit Accountability With Eduphoria
  5. Instructional Unit Collaboration
  6. Professional Plan Usage of Instructional Unit Eduphoria Data

February Board Meeting

  • The regular meeting of the TISD Board of Trustees will be held at 6:00 PM on Monday, February 13. The tentative agenda is listed below.


  1. Minutes of the special and regular meetings of the Board on January 10, 2012.
  2. Trustee election to be held on May 12, 2012.
  3. Bus camera and GPS system.
  4. 2012-13 school calendar. ATTACHMENT – 12-13 Calendar.pdf
  5. TEA expedited waivers for two staff development days in lieu of student instruction and six early release dates.


  1. May 12, 2012 bond election order.

The 2012 Bond Committee has recommended a $29,990,000 bond to the TISD Board of Trustees. The proceeds from this bond will

  1. address overcrowding at TPS and TES with the construction of grade 3rd - 5th campus, and at THS by adding three classrooms ($18,835,062)
  2. modernize facilities that have not been updated in previous bonds to include Career and Technology facilities, THS band hall, TMS cafateria, security systems and parking across the district ($5,656,059)
  3. maximize state funding by avoiding recapture on the total amount of the bond and moving technology, transportation and facility maintenance costs to I&S. ($5,500,000)

Since 2000, TISD has successfully held five bond elections totaling $42 million that would have cost $94 million without bond elections, avoiding $52 million in recapture payments.TISD has paid $34 million of the previous bonds without a tax increase. But, the needs being addressed in the 2012 bond will increase the tax rate. The tax impact based on the Martin Lake settlement value is not available until next week. Using certified values, a difference of only $85,000,000, the tax rate will increase by 10.31 cents, a monthly increase to the average homeowner of $5.00. In reviewing school district tax rates from a four county area, TISD tax rate is the lowest of all districts and would remain one of the lowest with this bond.


  1. 2012-13 budget and revenue projections.
  2. After the first semester of 2011-12, TISD has $250,000 M&O surplus.
  3. With the Martin Lake settlement I&S revenue will increase over the budgeted amount and additional 2008 bonds can be sold for early payment, reducing interest costs.
  4. State law limits the M&O taxing authority to a maximum rate of $1.04. Using a budget projection that adds $250,000 of expenses per year and no student growth, TISD's expenditures will not eclipse the revenue generated at $1.04 until 2018-19.
  5. Due to the cuts in State financing TISD lost $600,000 of M&O funds in 2011-12 and will lose an additional $400,000 in 2012-13. Combining these for a total loss of $1,000,000 in funding from the 2005-06 level.
  6. Every one percent (1%) of salary increase will cost $61,000 (the budget projections in number three increase by $250,000). The TISD Board goal is to be at number two in the market comparison, a spot that was maintained in the old market. TISD has identified a more aggressive market comparison and is below number two in steps 0 to 10 and at or above number two in steps 11 and above. The cost to move to number two is $77,000 with a one percent raise and the cost reduces by $20,000 as the salary increase rises.

















  1. The auxiliary pay families have not been compared to the market for adjustments in four years. TASB is currently conducting a study and the results are expected in March.
  2. State law requires each district to contribute $225 per month for employee health insurance costs. TISD contributes $354.92 and monthly increase of $129.92 or an annual cost of $207,352 above what's required by law. TRS Active-Care has not released pricing information for 2012-13.
  3. During the current budget cycle TISD analyzed spending for possible cuts to address the $1,000,000 loss of State funding. The adopted budget contained approximately $650,000 of cuts with an additional $1,000,000 of cuts identified if needed in future years.


  1. Monitoring reports on TISD Campus Improvement Plans.
  2. Technology Plan as attached. ATTACHMENT – Technology Plan 2012- 13_Objectives.pdf


  1. Personnel: contracts of administrative personnel.

UIL Realignment

  • Tatum has remained in UIL conference 2A in the 2012-14 reclassification and realignment process. The top high school enrollment number for 2A was 449 and THS submitted 448. The district alignments have changed to the following:

            Football: Jefferson, White Oak, Harmony, Sabine, Troup and Tatum

            Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track & UIL Academics: New Dianna, EF, Jefferson, Ore City, Waskom, White Oak, Union Grove & Tatum

            Volleyball: Has not been released.

  • Additional information can be found at
  • The tentative pre-district football schedule opponents are Arp, Winnsboro, Pleasant Grove, Center and Diboll.

Commissioner Scott on Testing

  • During the recent school administrator mid-winter conference commissioner Scott delivered a speech that was so powerful that Bill Hammond (President and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Association of Business) had to purchase a full page ad in the Austin American Statesman to offer a rebuttal. This follows discussions at the recent SBOE meeting where the commissioner made similar comments against the current testing and accountability system. Here are two links:

 Dee W. Hartt, Ed. D.
Tatum ISD