TES Staff
Please contact the teacher via email or call 903-947-6482 with questions about progress or to schedule a conference.

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Administrative Staff

Malone, Jennifer - Principal
Smith, Raishaunda - Counselor
Adams, Debbie - Secretary
Hernandez, Sandra - Attendance

Campus Behavior Cooridinator

Malone, Jennifer - Campus Behavior Coordinator 903-947-0356

Teaching Staff

Bates, Jerri - 5th Grade Writing/Science
Beazley, Teresa - 5th Grade Science/Social Studies
Courtney, Holly  - Music/Dyslexia
Courtney, Nikki - 3rd Grade Science/Writing
Graves, Rachel - 3rd Grade Reading/Writing
Hartt, Sara - 3rd Grade Math/Science
Hatton, Jessica - 5th Grade Science/Social Studies
Januwati, Luh Putu - Math Instructional Coach
Johnson, Deborah - 4th grade Writing/Science
Lacy, Kristin - 5th Grade Math
Landon, Celeste - Special Education Teacher
McManamay, Kim - 4th Grade Math
McMichael, Mechelle - 3rd Grade Math-
Mims, Kristi - 4th Grade Math/Science Social Studies
Mock, Christi - 4th Grade Reading/Social Studies
Roden, Tracy - 5th Grade Math
Searle, Randi - Library Media Specialist
Shans, Jessica - Physical Education Teacher
Shippey, Nikie - 3rd Grade Reading/Social Studies
Singleton, Andrea - 4th Grade Reading/Writing
Williams, Raquel - 5th Grade Writing/Social Studies

Harvey, Bridgett - Nurse
Haggerty, Susan - Library Aide
Shans, James  - Classroom Aide
Ward, Mary - Classroom Aide